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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Vive Alberta....Vive Alberta Libre

Eh, maybe and I say maybe if the upcoming election in Canada goes the way I predicted earlier, I believe the sound you will here from Alberta will be a gnashing of the teeth and tearing out of the hair.

Reading your online editioins of the papers, it appears that those folks out in la la land are again hallucinating on their buds, and the cheesheads in Ontario and chowderheads in the Maritimes can't get their head around what harper is. THE HIDDEN AGENDA!!!!!! Seems 67% of those polled believe this. hmmm?

Ya suckers, yer fallin' fer it again. the grand ol' Liberal lie. Sheesh, you've got a government that is crookeder than a dog's hind leg and yet you will put up with....oh well. apparently nobody in Canada has values anymore. My government is corrupt so you too can justify your own set of of corrupted values too, i guess.

Just wait til Smilin Jack Layton gets his hands on the throttle that runs the Canadian taxpayers treasury. It'll be like welfare Wednesday. Everyone is a thousand dollar millionaire.

Federalism has neve worked much in favor of the west....In fact i think the word CONfederation is exactly that. One big perpetual con on anyone living outside of Ontario and Quebec. A few bones thrown to the dogs to buy some votes.

I have great empathy for the West, especially Alberta, a land I moved to and which adopted me as one of theirs before i moved on.

I believe and I have already read a sense of hopelessness on the hearts of Albertans. Friendly Albertans who have opened their province to those less fortunate to take part in the boom of the oil economy. Folks apparently from all over the Canadian landscape here to make some dollars and a better life.

What man of you sodden headed left coasters fail to realize is that CONfederation has never worked for either BC or Alberta and even the prairies for that matter. Our resources stripped and sent east to profit the old money establishment that holds onto the reins of power, no matter what the cost. You are seeing that now as Martin trips about your country like little Johnny Appleseed. Instead of throwing out seeds to plant trees, he is on a spending orgy to buy your votes, despite the absolute crookedness of his government. I sense that again, a new political party may be born in Alberta if Canada decides to shut out the west again. This one will be regional, most likely something like the Alberta Separtist and they'll send their contingent of 57 members to Parliament and agitate for the separation like Quebec is doing as CONfederation works not for them. Only this time the leader will again be an Albertan who will throw the middle finger up at Ottawa at every opportunity.

Tell and sell the lie. Keep the game going.

No, the West and that includes those out in la la land with your lunatic fringe style of politics swinging back and forth provincially from the No Down Payment Party to a Liberal government, we are saying, "WE WANT IN!!! We WANT A SEAT AT THE TABLE OF THE GOVERNMENT!!!"

That is what most of you Canucks are overlooking. Your election is not about Adscam, cancelled helicopter contracts, tainted blood, mismanaged Employment and Immigration Funds, the Boobdoggle Gun Registry, gay marriage. You are missing the point.

The West stands at the door with the chance of your lifetimes. To elect a government with a leader from Western Canada who will and knows your problems and understands this whole idea. It is about letting the West into the government as the power base and a voice for all Canadians across the land. His lieutenants come from all over the land, except Quebec, but the representation is there and none will go unnoticed.

Unlike every other Prime Minister who was a lawyer. Mr. Harper is an economist. He has a masters degree in it. I think he has a better grasp on running the country than a sliver spooned Redriberal.

I roll my eyes when I hear the Hidden Agenda con from the Redriberals. Sheesh. Don't think the Liberals have their own hidden agenda? Think about it. Tax and spend on ridiculous wasteful programs. They line some of their pals pockets with your loot. And you go, "We can't trust Harper."

Martin's campaign slogan shoud be, "vote Liberal for four more years of scandals"

Like i said. The West, especially BC has to get their head around what i just wrote about. We already know the government is bad. What we don't know is what a Canada it could be with the West truly represented for the first time in decades.

Choice is yours Canada. Don't blow it.


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