Warren Kommishoner

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Super Flu Super Flu...wot you gonna do when it comes for you?

Seems everywhere you read these days, we are hearin' of the super flu. Not if, but when? The W.H.O. (world health organization) major disease control experts and governments worldwide are touting that it is on its way. Even get them computer projections figgerin' how many folks are gonna die from it, too. Now with the knowledge that this Avian flu bug is jumpin' from pigs and birds and infectin' some folks there, virologists are sayin' soon its gonna jump ship, totally mutate and she'll be on 'er way to your city. Predictions are only that, but seems they have a pretty good guesstimation on how many of us are gonna die. Old folks are gonna be hit hard as well as younguns. Us tweeners may get off a bit luckier, so keep up yer health, eat yer veggies and fruits and take yer vitamins. Mom was right, an apple a day keeps the doc away.

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Warren K


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