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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Good Old Liberal Con Game

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Jim Bobby and Eddy T. Bear.

Well, seein' that you Canadians don't have the Stanley Cup playoffs going this time of year, I kinda thought I would supply you with at least a song that is reminiscent of the old hockey favorite.....

the good old hockey game......here goes

Hello out there, we're on the air
It's another liberal game tonight
There's budget growers and whistleblowers
Looks like Harper's just been iced.

Belinduh jumps, the MP's bump
At the Liberals big con game,
Someone shouts Cadman's Out!
At the old Liberal Con game.

Oh! The Liberal Con game
It's the best game you can name
And the best game your can name
Is the Old Liberal Con Game.

Second Period.......
Belinduh's dash, with heels aflash
Martin's team trails behind,
With Pete the poor pup, she's broken up
Once again she's lookin' to score.
The offers fly, they did not lie
Its true they have no shame
We see them slide
Belinduh alongside
Its the old Liberal Con Game

Oh! The Old Liberal Con Game
Its the best game you can name
And the best game you can name
Is the old Liberal Con game.

Third Period.......
Last game of the Commons too!
Oh, take me where honesty
Faces off across the Commons Floor
And the Governor's Cup is all filled up
For the cheats who stole a nation.

Now the final flick of one blonde lick
And one gigantic scam
Well, the fix is in, Martin's team wins
And cons canucks again.

OH! The good old Liberal Con game
Its the best game you can name
And the best name you can name ......
...Is the continuing Liberal Con Game....

later gators

Warren K

good luck keeping your coutnry together after that vote....i think the West wants out after tryin' for so many years tryin' to get in...


At 3:56 AM, Blogger JimBobby said...

Whooee! That's a dandy piece o' songwritin' you done, WarrenFeller. I laffed so hard a tear ran down my leg.

Yores trooly,

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