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Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Socialist 'Ho and the Capitalist Pimp

When we talk about the sleaze of Canada's Liberal government, it is now apparent the No Down Payment Party of Smilin' Jack Layton is not adverse to his own form of prostituting himself to sleep around for money in the guise of supporting the Liberals. In return, this socialist ho' gets his hands on the public's tax dollars to obstensibly 'make parliament work' which is why we all came to Ottawa he states.

It's bad enough that Canadians have had to put up with Liberal pie in the sky schemes of the past including the Adscam scandal, now Canadians will be subject to more robbery of the public purse by Smilin' Jack to fund his wild socialist fantasies on a already over taxed nation.

HoJack just doesn't seem to get it. Two weeks ago he slams Martin for the Liberals waste of money and sleaze of the Adscam mess, yet sees his opportunity to 'ho himself' out to grab onto the unrealistic dream of pretneding he represents the best interests for all Canadians.

Meanwhile, Pimpin' Paul does not want to lose his influence on the street corner and seeing that his position has been weakened as he lost some of his own 'ho's in the last roundup, casts his glances around and sees a stray ho wanting to work on his street corner.

Seeing this as a chance to hold onto the power on his street corner a little longer, Pimpin' Paul and Hojack come to an 'arrangement'. Hojack wants to spend a bigger portion of the share of the street profits, (i.e. taxpayer dollars) and spend it on providing more social benefits for other ho's on hair-brained ideas. Pimpin' Paul agrees to the proposal, cause this new 'ho he needs to help him try to hold onto power a little longer so he can whitewash his past, and his gullible customers will forgive and forget and reward him with a stronger position on the street corner again.

Pimpin' Paul and the rest of his ho's are so afraid of facing the man (voters) again because of all their past sleazy dealings, readily, but reluctantly as he tells us, they need to keep the street corner working for the benefit of all.

So, with all this new found money, the rest of the pimps and ho's will be sportin' new flashy baubles and will be again smokin' big cigars and wheelin' around in fancy motor cars.

Smilin' Steve who wants to clean the street corner of all that sleaze, may have missed his opportunity to do so if he had moved prior to the 'arrangement' the ho and pimp made to keep the con going a little longer.

And, according to the talk on the street (polls) the gullible Canadians again will have bought the big lie from Pimpin' Paul and reward him with a stronger position on the street corner again.

Canadians, you are one messed up group of people. Kind of like masochists without the whips and paddles being applied to you.

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Warren K

Sunday, April 17, 2005

You shallow idiots, get your own opinion

WK - if you like great rants, I suggest you check out Maddox. In particular, this post on the movie Sideways.

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Martin

I recently read this on mkbraaten.blogspot.com Seems to be a reasonable and fair request. have a read:

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Warren K

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Calf's Path----makes ya think eh?

The Calf's Path
Sir Walter Foss (1895)
One day through the primeval wood
A calf walked home as good calves should;
But made a trail all bent askew,
A crooked trail as all calves do.
Since then three hundred years have fled,
And I infer the calf is dead;
But still he left behind his trail,
And thereby hangs my moral tale
The trail was taken up next day
By a lone dog that passed that way;
And then a wise bell-whether sheep
Pursued the trail o'er hill and glade,
Through those old woods a path was made.
And many men wound in and out,
And dodged and turned and bent about,
And uttered words of righteous wrath
Because 'twas such a crooked path;
But still they followed -do not laugh-
The first migrations of that calf,
And through this winding wood-way stalked
Because he wobbled when he walked.
This forest path became a lane
That bent and turned and turned again;
This crooked lane became a road,
Where many a poor horse with his load
Toiled on beneath the burning sun,
And traveled some three miles in one.
And thus a century and a half
They trod the footsteps of that calf.
The years passed on in swiftness fleet,
The road became a village street;
And this before men were aware,
A city's crowded thoroughfare.
And soon the central street was this
Of a renowned metropolis;
And men two centuries and a half
Trod in the footsteps of that calf.
Each day a hundred thousand rout
Followed this zigzag calf about
And o'er crooked journey went
The traffic of a continent.
A hundred thousand men were led
By one calf near three centuries dead.
They followed still his crooked way,
And lost one hundred years a day;
For thus such reverence is lent
To well-established precedent.
A moral lesson this might teach
Were I ordained and called to preach;
For men are prone to go it blind
Along the Calf-path of the mind,
And work away from sun to sun
To do what other men have done.
They follow in the beaten track
And out and in, and forth and back,
And still their devious course pursue,
To keep the path that others do,
They keep the path a sacred groove,
Along which all their lives they move;
But how the wise old wood-gods laugh,
Who saw the first primeval calf.
Ah, many things this tale might teach -
But I am not ordained to preach.

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Warren K
. .

Bad Government at any Cost?

While following the comments of MSM and the blogging groups discussing the recent fallout over Canada's Liberal Government scandal, I have come across quite a few intersting comments from your 'average' Canadians.

The ones I find absolutely fascinating is the 'fringe' group of people who still cling to the belief that "this too shall pass". Give the government a chance to show what they can do. We've spent too much money and time on this sponsorship scandal, we need to focus on things that are really important." Sheesh, talk about sheeple, I can't believe my eyes when I read that.

Here is something for everyone to ponder about your government and the general populations of countries.

"When a government is deceitful, dishonest, shady, crooked, illegitimate, ad nauseum, the people in general welcome it for it gives them the freedom to justify their own behaviors and continue on in the same manner as the government. However, if your government is accountable, honest and fair in all their dealing with all persons and other countries and holds to the traditonal values of what made that country initially great before the rot set in, then it causes the people to have to examine their own personal and moral standards and keep in check with what is viewed and known as good."

So, why toss out something that allows any segment of society to do darn well pretty much what they please, inspite of political corruption.

Hey if my government cheats, lies, swindles, lowers the bar for societal standards continually, and if its good for them, then must be ok for me?

When everyone thinks alike, pretty soon no one is thinking at all.

Where do you stand my friends?

later gators

Warren K

Monday, April 11, 2005

As promised....A king's ransom for Warren

Many years ago, before packing up and moving to the land of hobbits, dwarves and elves, I worked in a wonderful place called Ft. McMurray. Back then it was small town, quaint, despite some of its lack of services and distance to major cities. But it was fun and it was a community. It still is from what I hear, but the place is bursting at its seams, due to its geographical layout, huge influx of populations coming to build and to work at the oil sands plants.

They even have about 10,000 construction workers housed in trailer camps to supply the labor to build the sites. Lots of hustle, bustle and energy going to and from everyday, all the time.

My last big trip up there was to work on the first expansion of the original oil sand plant that was built back in the 60's. I stayed two years and made lots and lots of money. The everyday grind kind of gets to you with lots of hours, long days, haywire travel down that ol' highway 63. Many, like me, lived to tell about it. Many others did not. Victims of bad drivers, alcohol, bad weather and heavy traffic.

Recently a firm that I used to work for contacted me and said they had a two year project up there and wanted me to come out of retirement as I am a specialist and good at what I do, of course.

Folks, here is what they said. 'Warren, we will pay you 1,000 per day for roughly 22 days a month for two years, plus, we will give you 6500.00 a month for living allowance. Also, if you have a truck we will pay you 100.00 a day for that and mileage. Oh, and we'll fly you home for leave."

I am listening to this guy weave this offer to me and I guess I should have been flabbergasted or ready to jump at it. I mean this is over a half million dollars in salary alone for two years. As I am a consultant, I try to keep the government out of my pocket book as much as possible.

I have been sitting here for about ten days trying to get my head around this. Not the money. It is just that I don't think I can do another two year stint in a place that used to be my home. Too much of it has changed, and not for the better.

From what I am able to glean on your press, the city is being swamped and needs well over a billion dollars just to maintain their infrastructure.

House prices have gone through the roof and to the moon. Good for the folks who bought pre the big boom. Not so good for those trying to get a foothold in the housing door. I single wide trailer recently sold for 335.000 dollars.

Where there is money like the kind up there, crime follows it's scent. Drugs flow into the city for those that need them. Gambling sanctioned by the government is the highest in the Province of Alberta. Alcohol consumption is the highest in the province. Now, I'm not saying it is the good citizens of my old town, it just comes with the territory of boom times.

Traffic, traffic, traffic, the Indy 500 out to the plants everyday. Traffic everywhere you turn.

It's not the old place that I lived for many years, and I am sure a lot of McMurrayites feel the same way and can't wait for their pensions to arrive.

So, as I said, a king's ransom maybe, but I can't just get my head around the place anymore.

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Warren K

More Liberal Half Truths

Just when it seems it can't get any worse for the Liberals in Canada, Mr. Scott Brison their Public Affairs minister makes a statement on CBC's question period about having two independent accounting firms "audit" their books regarding the financial shenanigans they are trapped in.


However, a sharp accounting student saw through this ruse and decided to do a little digging. Seems these two accounting firms have given the Liberal Party over 1 million dollars in campaign donations.

Here is what MK has to say about Mr. Brison's story: mkbraaten

Seems like the Canadian Liberal Party either can't get their own stories straight or someone does not do a lot of research prior to going to the media.

Those Liberals should think first before putting another foot in their mouths. There are too many people on the net in blogland watching them and digging out the truth.

This, folks, is truly another lie from a party that cannot be trusted anymore to govern Canada.

Later gators

Warren K

United Vegetative States Of America

This is a good example of what is going wrong in the US of A


Sunday, April 10, 2005

You are what you eat.

Is eating the flesh of dead animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, chicken, fish, dairy products, etc really safe for your health in light of the fallout of the Mad Cow disease and other 'stuff' added to our food groups? It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat and the average family of four use the equivalent of 240 gallons of fuel a year needed to farm that meat which in turn also contributes to greenhouse gasses, further water depletion and pollution and over grazing.

The Amazon Rain Forest is being depleted at the rate of 2.5 acres per second in order to convert the rain forest for beef production so we can eat cheaper hamburgers at MCFranchise. Trouble is, the land will not sustain the growth of pasture much past two years and then what?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Feedlot near Fort Lupton, Colo

The average factory feed lot has a waste problem equivalent to any major city. A cow produces 25 pounds of excretement a day! Where does that stuff go?

In addition to Mad Cow disease, we are being subjected to a host of additives injected into the living flesh of these animals to enhance growth, kill bacterias, increase milk production.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or MAD COW DISEASE may be in the actual blood of the animal we are throwing on the bar b q. It passes to humans.

According to 4th generation rancher, Howard Lyman, now known as the Mad Cowboy, our governments are not telling us the real story about BSE.
have a look:


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Warren Kommishoner

Liberal Stench In Canada

The Liberals talk about a stable government but we don't know how bad the stable is going to smell. Well folks it looks like you have a major scandal in your land. Mr. Martin should go cap in hand to the Canadian populace and be tossed on the scrap heap of history.

Hopefully there is enough of a thread of common sense that Canadian voters throw the corrupt and decrepit Liberals out of office and not fall into the trap of what ol' Tommy Douglas commonly referred to as mouseland.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mouseland Story

"It's the story of a place called Mouseland. Mouseland was a place where all the little mice lived and played, were born and died. And they lived much the same as you and I do.

"They even had a Parliament. And every four years they had an election. Used to walk to the polls and cast their ballots. Some of them even got a ride to the polls. And got a ride for the next four years afterwards too. Just like you and me. And every time on election day all the little mice used to go to the ballot box and they used to elect a government. A government made up of big, fat, black cats.

"Now if you think it strange that mice should elect a government made up of cats, you just look at the history of Canada for last 90 years and maybe you'll see that they weren't any stupider than we are.

"Now I'm not saying anything against the cats. They were nice fellows. They conducted their government with dignity. They passed good laws--that is, laws that were good for cats. But the laws that were good for cats weren't very good for mice. One of the laws said that mouseholes had to be big enough so a cat could get his paw in. Another law said that mice could only travel at certain speeds--so that a cat could get his breakfast without too much effort.

"All the laws were good laws. For cats. But, oh, they were hard on the mice. And life was getting harder and harder. And when the mice couldn't put up with it any more, they decided something had to be done about it. So they went en masse to the polls. They voted the black cats out. They put in the white cats.

"Now the white cats had put up a terrific campaign. They said: 'All that Mouseland needs is more vision.' They said: 'The trouble with Mouseland is those round mouseholes we got. If you put us in we'll establish square mouseholes.' And they did. And the square mouseholes were twice as big as the round mouseholes, and now the cat could get both his paws in. And life was tougher than ever.

"And when they couldn't take that anymore, they voted the white cats out and put the black ones in again. Then they went back to the white cats. Then to the black cats. They even tried half black cats and half white cats. And they called that coalition. They even got one government made up of cats with spots on them: they were cats that tried to make a noise like a mouse but ate like a cat.

"You see, my friends, the trouble wasn't with the colour of the cat. The trouble was that they were cats. And because they were cats, they naturally looked after cats instead of mice.
"Presently there came along one little mouse who had an idea. My friends, watch out for the little fellow with an idea. And he said to the other mice, 'Look fellows, why do we keep on electing a government made up of cats? Why don't we elect a government made up of mice?'

'Oh,' they said, 'he's a Bolshevik. Lock him up!' So they put him in jail.

"But I want to remind you: that you can lock up a mouse or a man but you can't lock up an idea."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Source: paulmartintime.ca

throw the bums out.

later gators

Warren Kommisshoner

Thursday, April 07, 2005

China Makes Berets for US Military

Ah this is too much. I cam across this little tidbit of info. The Chinese received an order from Uncle Sam to supply the Military boys and girls with Berets. So much for Buy American. Sure hope China INC. hasn't put some type of intelligence reader in the threads.

Not the same, but kind of like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police having their Red Tunics made by a gang of warlords, or their souvenirs made offshore in some third world country.

Or stuffed Kangaroos sold in Oz to the tourists, made in CHINA INC.

Or better yet, the English Bobbie Hats being made in Bangladesh.

How 'bout this one, American Baseballs for the National and American League made in Taiwan.

Ha, ha, our national flags made in some sweatshop in Kinjomatrostan or some country like that.

Ack, i gotta stop, this could turn into a run away. But you start to get my drift of the whole thing. At one time these were all good manufacturing jobs. MADE IN AMERICA!!!!!

have a look


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Warren Kommisshoner

An Amusing Letter

read this over at the war room and thought this is hilarious, blind faithful civil servants just followin' the rules. A good light hearted read.


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Warren Kommisshoner

Something to Die For

Eh, i just thought i would post this link to a unique document. For my American friends, it is time to really, really get acquainted with the words and their meanings in it. It's worth fighting for.

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Warren Kommishoner

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Warren gets offered a kings ransom to come out of retirement

This is a true story that is actually going to have a lot of folks scratching their heads, wondering if WK is losing his marbles. I will fill you in on the details on my next post, as tonight, i simply want to rest.

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Warren Kommishoner

The New Net

The explosion of blogging is almost like harkening back to the days of old when the net was in its infancy. It was radical, it was 'out there'. Zany, geeks before the name was invented played with an invention that few knew little about.

Before the DotCom craze, when any 16 year old with a business plan written on a napkin would have venture capitalists falling all over themselves to throw millions of dollars on the NEXT big thing, like say, Tie Clip Dot Com. A can't miss internet opporunity.

The net was in its infancy, before the suits got it.

Bloggers are shouting from the rooftops on any topic you want to find. The interesting thing is that people are talking. Really. Well not all the folks, there is still those somatized on Reality TV and the like. But things are happening.

Over at Captains Quarters Blog, he might be the pen that is mightier than the sword and could within reason, bring down the government of Canada over a nasty, sleazy 'thingy' scandal. Canadians can't talk about it or even think thoughts about cause you could get arrested and sent to a Saskatchewan Gulag to live out your days as a guest of the government.

I think more and more blogs are going to keep the momentum going..............until those that own the gold, make up a new set of rules.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Source: charter97.org

What I see coming down the pipe in a very short time is a change to the rules again. In order to curtail free speech and investigative efforts of many folks who are onto a good thing, like shining lights into areas of darkness in our governments, the net is going to change.

In addition to paying your service provider, who at one point was a brave new world character who saw opportunity in the net and made a killing before selling out to Giantica Inc., the new net will be like going to Disneyland in the 70s. You can't wear that TShirt in here, your hair is too long. Wholesome. Sanitized. Except there will still be porn as that is a big bizness for the money that funnels up the chain to those 10,000. This is what is coming.

The medium will be strictly controlled. Anti government writings will not be permitted, anything that is viewed as anti-establishment, new world order, call it what you like.

The blogging explosion will become victims of their own successes. Another frontier "Amurikanized' just like the wild west. Purged.

The new net will contain a lot of government or media controlled content and sites with lots of happy places to go and look at. Heck they might even give it to us free, just so we can become even more somatized, spending hours online, looking for a back door to the parallel netrix, that might exist.

Sooner or later, the other shoe will drop. Blink. Welcome to the NewNetNirvana. Sheesh, nnn.happypeople.gov. The only isp you will ever need.

We are so close folks, so close to really tipping the scales and bring about change, radical change. However, those 10,000 of them guys I mentioned in another previous blog don't want us useless eaters to upset the apple cart.

Remember, 6 billion of us, 10,000 of them and throw in a few lackeys, the military and police.

We got the militia.

So what's gonna happen? Remember ham radio gang? Where people actually have to talk to each other. It might be the only thing left to speak the truth.

later gators
Warren Kommisshoner

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Music might not be dead

Recently, WK asked where the hell the musicians are. Well, John Kaminski has this to say:

It took me awhile to find this free link, but here it is, kicking off a concert of free music you are not likely to hear on mainstream radio. After my recent remark that popular music is dead, hundreds of musicians and music fans sent me their prime cuts - definitely conscious stuff. The point of most who wrote was that corporate media won't play any of these songs, because they focus on humanity rather than profits, and see the fascist warmaking America we confront today with the searing vision of people craving love and peace and witnessing only needless death and destruction.

Music dead? I stand corrected, no question about it. Of course, we should all boycott Clear Channel's lobotomized radio stations. The music is on the Internet. Dig it out and dig it.

BTW: I tried to link to some of these songs, but blogger wouldn't let me do it. I could publish this post just fine without including the links to them. Shady. Shady indeed.

This just in: World officially "going to pot"

Something over at Trunews for you, inspired by the WK.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Ramblin' thoughts

Woke up this mornin' to the news about Terri. I didn't really expect much different. My heart goes out to her family and to her. She is now at peace in the hereafter, how ever you interrupt that. To her husband and his fiance in their new Mercedes'. You are pretty much lower than a snake. To the government machine that killed her, a pox upon you and your land. Nice, slow starvation of a fellow human being. Nice, real nice. "nuff said, others have covered this.

What else, good to see that we have pretty much raped, abused and misused the planet to the tune of using up 2/3rds of the resources and polluting our own nest. Not even a pig lies in his own crap.

This is kind of like playing musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well, if that is the case, each man for himself then. Me? I'm gonna buy the biggest V8 I can get my hands on and use up my share of the gas then. Pedal to the medal, so to speak and heck, I'm not gonna even shut the truck off as I get paid to use it anyhow. No sense in scrimpin' anymore. Besides, Detroit and the Seven Sisters have been in cahoots over this for years.

Uh, let's see. Natural gas production appears to be on the decline. Shouldn't wonder when you got pipelines that you can walk through from up there in Canada, turned on full bore, 24/7 x 365 to feed a glutonous energy parket south of the 49th parallel.

Maybe this is a sign of the times we are in. Gonna get my share while the gettin's good attitude. Well, I'm not gonna be last in line if that is the case.

Buy more plastic junk made in China. That helps too. And when you are at the supermarket, ask the clerk to triple bag your groceries with those plastic bags they hand out and ask her to throw a few more in just for the road.

Build huge subdivisions with monstrous houses on the outskirts of the city so everyone has to drive everywhere and make rapid transit or bussing so inconvenient we all have to drive somewhere to get something. That helps.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Don'tcha just love those names the developers come up with for their latest strip mining of a nature habitat. Names like Fox Glenn, Hunter's Meadow, The Pines. I think they should call it what it is, 'Standing in a farmers field, without a tree for miles' development.

Keep whacking down trees on those hillside developments for more big box houses with two urbanites living in an plasticized architecturally enhanced house with the phony beams, mouldings and wainscottings made from oil. When there is nothing left of a root structure to hold the soil and rocks, enjoy the slide to the bottom of the hill.

Now this is too funny. Received some information about a place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Actually two places. They have this huge industrial park on the south end of town, past the outskirts. It is where a lot of the petro chemical manufacturing facilites are located. There is another bedroom community just south of this industrial park too. Seems like every morning and night during rush hour, you have hordes of folks driving south from Edmonton to their jobs at these facilities and then hordes of folks driving north to jobs in the city. One car, one person. Wouldn't it be a lot more simpler if everyone just switched houses? I mean, how stupid is that? You'd save on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle and not have to get up so early in the morning to get on the gerbil mill and be home earlier at night.

So much for intuitive planning.

But that goes against what i was talking about earlier. Use er up folks. Pedal to the medal.

From what I hear, Alberta, Canada, has the highest percentage of pickup trucks, SUVs on the road in their nation. They obviously are onto the message.

We are going to see something happen in our time on this earth. Maybe the Mayans were right about their calendar. At the year 2013, December 23, and there is nothing after that.

Maybe the Bible with its prophecy is really true. We are in the end times. Our maker has seen enough. Time to wipe the slate clean.

Maybe the ancient Sumerians had it right when they said we are the creation of flesh and blood Gods in their own image. They are predicted to arrive back here on Earth in 2036, and boy, if this is true, am sure they are going to be really choked with what we have done to the Garden of Eden they handed us.

Is evil real? Look around folks. It is everywhere. Man's inhumanity to man. Mankind as a whole is one real sick puppy. For many, their daily survival is the real hell on earth. It's here and we're in it.

Summer is coming to the Northern Hemisphere as it wanes here in the South. Take some time on those beautiful summer days and nights to literally stop and smell the roses. Take in the beauty and intricacy that which is nature. The sun setting over a lake, the bloom of the wildflowers in the fields and meadows. A lazy day in the backyard in the warm sun, reading an enjoyable book.

Folks this ol' planet is the only one we got. There appears not to be any others like it in our solar system. We might just be past the point of no return.

Buy guns and move to the Yukon.

later gators
Warren Kommisshoner