Warren Kommishoner

Thursday, March 24, 2005

US vs. Them. 6 Billion vs 10,000


US vs Them. 6 Billion of Us, 10,000 of Them

In perusing the net and reading a variety of sites, blogs and forums on the topics of One World Government, Facism, et al, there appears to be a common thread from many people. ‘What can I do? I am only one person.’

What happened in the Ukraine in late 2004? An election was held and the public demanded another election. They did not want to slide back into the control of Mother Russia. Crowds estimated to be 800,000 people stormed the capital and camped out in front of the Government offices demanding their right to a free and non-rigged voted?

The country came to a standstill as the world’s attention focused on an event that simply was astonishing. These people were not going to go away.

For all of us around the world, this should be a lesson in grassroots democracy ( hate using that term in light of what is transpiring) but it demonstrated to a lot of people something so inherently unique.

When we look at our own countries and the slide we are taking down the slippery slope to complete control over the populations, I think what transpired in the Ukraine is a lesson to all of us.

Prior to the French Revolution, the population was basically slaves or serfs to the ruling aristocracy of the land. Inequality, no liberty, no justice and no hope.

What happened there? The population rose up, seized the ruling class and basically lopped off their heads. End of tyranny. Yeah, they had some struggles from that point on, but it worked.

Yeah, Warren, but what we can do? We have jobs, we have pensions, we have kids to house, feed and educate, car payments, mortgage payments credit card payments. I can’t afford to take some type of action of disobedience, I could lose my job.

Open your darn eyes folks. When you even have members of the clergy running websites about tyranny and New World Order stuff, you should be hearing the alarm bells ringing, loud and incessantly. They know.

Well folks, if you don’t sit up and take notice soon of the frog in the pot syndrome, you won’t have to worry about jobs, your pensions, your kids, cause you might just find yourself stamping out tin cups in a FEMA or federal run prison camp in your own country, or worse.

Well folks, here is where it gets uncomfortable.

We are all citizens of some country, in a land that most of us at one time loved and long for again.

Many of you who came to America for example, took a pledge, the Oath of Allegiance to uphold the Constitution, the Flag, to be one nation under God. More of you pledged that Oath daily in your schools and at one time even said the Lord’s Prayer, before that became outlawed.

If you believe in that Oath or whatever you mumbled during your granting of citizenship to the country that became your home, then you are obligated to defend and honor those freedoms that are ours.

But Warren, I’m just one person, what can I do? Don’t worry singularly there are hundreds of thousand of you asking the same question daily.

Well folks, here is where it gets really interesting.

We, the people, or did you forget? We, the people should now begin to galvanize around that saying and march to our state capitals, to our town halls if you can’t make the longer journey, and to our nation’s capital in the hundreds of thousands, no, millions and camp out and stay.

The state militias who have also taken an oath to defend the freedoms granted to all based on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution should mobilize and stand guard with all of us.

The busses in every city should stop, the trains idle, the pilots withdraw from the skies, the civil servants shut down the government, the truckers park their rigs carrying the nations goods, the police to stand down and lower their weapons, for they are sworn to protect the citizenry, every union member, every office worker, across all lands withdraw their labor and we wait.

Ya, there is going to be chaos, but we need to bring everything to a screeching halt. There may be even violence and some of us may lose our lives over this, but I can emphatically implore you that we stand to lose a heck of a lot more in the not too distant future if we don’t.

Remember my title? Us vs. Them. Well folks there are 6 Billion of Us and about 10,000 of them. Them that control the power, the wealth and are slowly slipping the nooses over our heads to choke the lives out of us.

Their agents of course are the banks, the investment houses, the hand picked Elite who run our countries and for the present time, hold onto the levers of power, including the military.

Ya, it could get really ugly. But remember what happened in the Ukraine. The army stood down and watched.
Using whatever due process that remains in the legal systems of the lands, We the People backed in sheer numbers of overwhelming strength, should demand the surrender of the government on the grounds of treason, sedition, crimes against humanity and war crimes. This includes the Leader, his cabinet and every elected official in the State and Federal Capitals. And we wait. A day, a week, a month. Whatever it takes to take back our countries. What are they doing to do? Mow down 3, 4, 5, Million people in cold blooded murder in the streets of Washington? Time to call their bluff.

In the US of A, all you have is your State Militias, and I think many of them know what is happening to your land. They’ll be there. They remember Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma. Your citizens have the right to bear arms, even if that means protecting themselves against the tyranny of their own government.

America, you kicked out tyranny once before in the American Revolution, but slowly allowed the agents of the 10,000 back in to steal your country from out under your noses while you were being deliberately distracted. You can do it again, only this time, the door will be forever shut against them.

Warren, you sound like you are espousing revolution. Well folks, I am. You remember what I said about the French Revolution? Well folks, it may just have to come to this, unless you simply continue to sit back and wait for the Jackboot of Complete Government Control and Tyranny stomped over your face. I’m serious and so are these demonic, evil people. Those that control our planet.

Remember, there is a lot more of us than them. A lot more. Sure at the moment they control the police forces and the military. Just by sheer numbers they should fear us, We the People, not us fear them.

Like a poker game, ya got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away when the dealin’s done. Folks this is the time to hold them. Whether we are sittin’ there with a Royal Flush, or a pair of two’s in our hands. Blink and we lose, we’re done.

If you think standing in a park with a few thousand people, holding hands and singin’ all we are saying, is give peace a chance is going to do the trick, well, take a number and get on the bus for the coming detention centers. That’s the truth. It ain’t gonna work folks.

Our governments have been hijacked the world over by the ten thousand who control the world and have their agents who do their bidding running our countries. Theft of our treasuries through taxation which hangs around all of our heads like a yoke, rubbing our necks, constantly chafing us, raw.

These same demonic forces of this number constantly fomenting war and suffering the world over for their profits, until there comes a time when We the People, are simply useless feeders and most of us are no longer needed. Can you say G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E on some deliberate grand scale.

I can here some of you folks now, Geez Warren, chill out, you’ve been reading too many conspiracy stories. Well folks, if it is a conspiracy, then two or more persons have collaborated to carry out an unlawful plan. Like I said before, the Kennedy Conspiracy, the Lone Gunman Oswald. Years later, the government did admit, that Kennedy was most likely assassinated by persons (that is more than one) unknown. I rest my case.

Us vs. Them. 6 Billion of us and 10,000 of them. I like the odds for our side.

Am I an alarmist? I certainly am. For I can see what is coming on the horizon and it certainly isn’t fuzzy and cuddly like a little kitten my friends. It’s a Beast.

Ya, it’s not going to be comfortable folks, but I really don’t see any other choice or process. If you think that throwing out the Reds and puttin’ in the Blues is going to help. Guess again. Hand picked leaders, the agents of the 10,000.

Us vs. Them. The hands have been dealt. Don’t fold and walk away. I like the odds for our side.

Later gators
Warren Kommisshoner


At 6:24 AM, Blogger omnisprinter said...

Nice post Warren, and I totally agree. We must stand up and take action soon.
Illuminati is not just a conspiracy theory, these people are real, and their scary agenda is written and admitted in their documents.

“What can I do?” Here are a few suggestions.

Number 1. TURN OFF THE TELEVISION! This really is a big deal. And if your one of those people who say, oh I only watch cartoons or the weather channel or the history channel, it is STILL conditioning, and you’re still forced into watching advertising. I can’t stress this enough. People don’t think it’s a big deal and that they are stronger and not susceptible to “subliminals”, but that is scientifically proven to not be the case. Disconnect from the disinformation, and start living the truth of our crisis.

Number 2. BE AWARE, AND START SPEAKING THE TRUTH ABOUT 911. Yes, it’s a controversial topic and even if people know the truth they often don’t want to speak up. But listen folks, this is such a important cornerstone issue, and everyone must realize the truth about how the government is using staged terrorists events to further their agenda. The more people that are aware now about 911, the more people will understand and stand up when the globalist stage the next 911, to try and enforce a draft and martial law.

Number 3. STOP PLAYING INTO THE FAKE POLITICAL PARADIGM. I talk to countless “democrats” who still think that the problem is completely bush. Yes bush and the neo-cons are evil, but they are still just puppet front-men of globalist. This whole left and right bi-polarized feud is never going to get us anywhere. We are being white-washed by issues of little to no significance while the “leaders” of the so-called democrats continue to vote for war and support many of the same things that the republicans are.

Playing into the game of fake competitor only helps their plans of dehumanization, imperialistic wars, and the further agenda of a one world government, which is openly admitted in PNAC documents, and through such organizations as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and the UN.

Anyone who cannot see that we are truly on the brink of real fascism in America needs to wake up to the state of our country, study the movement towards foreign centralized power during the last 100 years, and review the admitted plans and goals of those that are really controlling world politics.

Like Paris says, Everyone’s got opinions, but they don't know the time.

At 6:33 PM, Blogger T.R.U. said...

Fack, WK. The Canadian governemnt just signed an agreement to join the security perimeter. When the hell will we wake up and see the damn neocon occupation of Parliament Hill?

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