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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Echo-Idiot Children of the Corn

I wanted to have a small rant over at the Warren Kommishoner's blog. You know, the WK is correct in saying that his generation sold out after they got their degrees. My generation, the "echo" generation is a bunch of degree-parchment sucking metrosexual dillsnicks whose 4 years of education consists of a dumbed-down plethora of basket-weaving, beer-bong contests and body-shots off some 19 year old drunk chick's stomach. All on Mom & Dad's tab, of course.

The "echo" is an apt name for a generation, when asks "what do you think, son?" can only respond with a resounding "echo" of stupidity. We suffer from attention deficit disorder in conjunction with cultural amnesia. We can't pay attention to anything because we can't afford it after buying 200 dollar Nike "bling bling" Air Whats-his-names. Like geez, Paris Hilton farts and the massive media machine is right there to catch a whiff of that whore's skanky stench. It's like it's effin' cool to be stupid. But as long as you are rich.

Sure, I disagree with abortion, and think it's a waste of a human life. I think that the Boomers sort of screwed their social security by aborting x number of millions of my fellow echo generation. But geez, looking around these days, I'm beginning to see their logic in it. Maybe it wasn't such a big loss, if the echo-idiots are anything to go by.

With this Terry Schiavo thing rolling over, we might have a case for the Right to Die in the US. But if you've seen the videos of this poor woman, she is totally there. Watch Terry interact with her Mom and her Dad. It's kind of funny how the politicians in Congress suddenly got all over this case in an effort to placate the interests of the red-state voters. Even Resident Bush payed lip service to it and cut his vacation short fort he first time, ever, in order to address the pressing issue (and build some political capital). The politicians drone on and on about the sanctity of life, yet none have taken the time to actually interact with this woman. There is something in her that is still human.

Clearly her husband's creepy desire to see her die is rooted in his own selfish desires. What's he going to do? Divorce the woman who he promised to love and to hold, in sickness and in health and look like a total ass-wad? May as well look like a partial ass-wad and just make these claims that she would have wanted to die and stuff. Papa's likely got an 18-year old girlfriend on the side and wants to make up for 15 years of lost time.

Yup, if this thing goes through, the echo-idiots are going to look at you guys and say "well, they wanted to stay young, so we may as well let'em die". It will save on the social security burden, which is partly the fault of the boomers who racked up the debt-bomb to explosive levels. Yeah, you boomers sort of screwed up with the abortions and the debt (cuz you need workers to pay your debts and support you in your old age), and you raised us in front of the tv, and now we, like the creepy kids in Children of the Corn, will come to haunt you.

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"First Amendment no big deal, students say" read one recent headline. Yup, you raised a generation of idiots who wouldn't know the difference between the Constitution and constipation.

Maybe it's a good thing this Teri Schiavo thing is getting pumped up by the Media Beast - it takes attention away from all the protests that were staged on the annivarsary of the Iraq War. Yeah, do you even remember that?

Maybe it's a good thing we echo-idiots don't remember the Iraq war; it's just more cannon-fodder to fight for freedom. But you can't fight for it if you don't know wtf it is.

So, Boomers, wake the f*ck up, because the Children of the Corn are coming back to haunt you. You too could be in the situation of Terry Schiavo, only with a broken hip. Once you outlive your usefulness and we echo idiots are busy paying off the debts and social security (our inheritance) , we'll look at you and ask: is that boomer worth all this? Fear for it.


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